That’s right, Ranger Nation, the rumors are true. We are getting two new Gamestop Exclusives! Both inspired by the Boom! Studios Comics

Trini (Red Ranger) & Jason (Yellow Ranger) 2-Pack

We are getting the real MMPR Power Couple, sorry Kim and Tommy, right off the page and onto your shelf space!

I guarantee these will go fast, so make sure to Pre-Order HERE, but something evil is looming……

Lord Drakkon Helmet

The evilest version of Tommy Oliver now has his own helmet, joining Lord Zedd on your shelf space or cosplay corner! It does come with an evil voice changer; hopefully, its a bit off from Zedd’s.

Just like the 2-pack, you better hurry up and Pre-Order HERE

Thoughts From THE GRID

I have said it before, and I’ll repeat it: MMPR is a Hasbro cash cow and they will milk it for all it’s worth! AND I DON’T mind! But the choice to take three characters off the pages of Boom! Studios and bringing them “to life” is genius! I appreciate the fact we got new heads for both Jason and Trini. I also understand that when they swapped the comic and in the figure, neither got the “girl skirt” Keepin’ it real with the Super Sentai footage.


Do you think that we could get the rest of the Palette Swapped Rangers from GO GO POWER RANGERS ISSUE #16?

Kim in Blue, Billy in Black and Zach in pink?

The Drakkon helmet makes total sense. With Lord Zedd being the perfect litmus test to see if there was a market for Villain helmets. I’m interested if the programmed in a secret evil “SI-YA”

Are you planning on getting these ASAP? after your preorder show off your ranger pride in the comments below!

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