Netflix is catering to the kids, expanding on its partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises by bringing five new shows to the streaming service.

Today Netflix announced its intent to expand its partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises. They will be focusing more on preschoolers. Meaning, they will be adding five fun new shows based on Dr. Seuss’s famous books. This comes after the success of Green Eggs and Ham which is already premiering its second season in April.

One, Two, Three, There’s So Much For You To See

Dr. Seuss "Wacky Wednesday" book
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

First on the list is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. The popular Dr. Seuss title tells the story of two very different fish, Blue and Red. They are completely different in every way. During their adventures, they have a chance to show children oppositional vocabulary words. Such as cold or hot, or high and low. This show will consist of 7-minute episodes, as well as 2-minute music videos.

  • The Sneetches

Next, we have The Sneetches. This story is about the rivalry between Star Bellies and Moon Bellies Sneetches. Both live different lives until two Sneetches form an unlikely friendship. Thus beginning the learning process of how one’s differences should not be a reason for separation, but something that can be celebrated. Premiering as a 45-minute special, this will be in 3D.

  • Wacky Wednesday

The third Dr. Seuss installment is Wacky Wednesday. A perfectly normal town has a bit of a problem. Every Wednesday things get a bit wacky. Thankfully though there is a hero. A ten-year-old Wacky Expert, who understands that laughter inspires creativity. He can solve all the Wacky problems that come up with equally Wacky solutions. Each episode will be 11 minutes, presented in a media mixed fashion.

  • Thidwick The Big-Hearted Moose

The fourth show we have is Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose. Set as a 3D 45 minute special, this shows kids about feelings. Telling the story of a grumpy moose leader who chooses to be the happiest moose in the pack. To do so, he enlists the help of Thidwick, a sweet moose. Together they embark on a fun adventure. Along the way, Thidwick learns an important lesson: that being kind to others brings one happiness.

  • Horton Hears A Who

Finally, we have Horton Hears a Who! Another famous Dr. Seuss title. Here we have a young Horton who goes on adventures with his two best friends. Apart from helping the community with good deeds, they also learn to stand up for fairness. Arguably one of the top famous stories from Dr. Seuss, to see another adaption will be fun. Additionally, it will be in 11-minute episodes in a 3D format.

These five shows are set to further incorporate preschool-friendly and educational shows. Netflix also wants to solidify its partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprise. Both are trying to put more educational content out there for children not only to enjoy but to learn from.

My Thought Not For Naught

Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss

Growing up reading Dr. Seuss, it is nice seeing it still being kept alive for the next generation. This means my son will get a chance to see the adaptations and get a liking for classic literature. Not to mention, having Dr. Seuss rhyming style in cartoons is always fun to watch. Plus, with the different media styles of each cartoon, it will not feel repetitive. Each show will feel different.

Another thing I like is that already from seeing Green Eggs and Ham, we see more substance to the originals. It will not just be a retelling of the story, but having the characters in new situations. And each situation has an educational purpose to it. Even so, I am additionally glad that they began with a classic Seuss story back in 2019. By beginning with the best-known Green Eggs and Ham they got to test the waters.

Something I am hoping for is cross-overs. If we could have a few of the characters meet and have adventures together that would be great. Imagine the grumpy moose and Horton together? That would be pretty funny to see. Now to find out who the voice actors will be is another thing. I personally want Danny DeVito back or even Michael Cera. Their voices are hilarious and would play well with the style.

Who would you like to see in these shows? Or, what do you think of Dr. Seuss getting fresh new adaptions on Netflix? Let me know down below.