Lost in the Reel’s Non-Spoiler Video Review of Foundation.

Foundation is based off of Isaac Asimov’s classic 7-book science-fiction series, which began all the way back in 1942.  I’d like to say that I have never read Asimov’s novels, but have always been curious about them.  And after watching all ten episodes of season one, I have to say, that I am dying to read them now.  Because Apple TV+ has gone all out with Foundation… it is one of the most visually arresting and epic television shows ever put on the small screen.  And while it doesn’t reach perfection, it has the potential to reach greatness in future seasons.


The series follows an ensemble cast of characters that spans centuries and planets.  Our main focus is that of a mathematician named Hari Seldon, who has reached out to a young girl named Gaal, from a far off planet, who has solved an impossible equation.  She travels to him, thinking she is taking part in an internship, only to realize that she has been lied to.  Harri has predicted the future of the galaxy through mathematical means, and finds that they will be plunged into darkness in only a few centuries.  And Gaal’s problem-solving might be the key to saving the universe… but, the rulers of the empire (three brothers named Dawn, Day and Dusk) will stop at nothing to make sure that these two do not get in the way of their tyrannical reign.


So, if you couldn’t tell from that synopsis, this show is quite complicated.  And that is just scratching the surface of what actually goes down in Foundation.  I think this show is going to capture a lot of people from the first two episodes (premiering on September 24th) with its stunning visuals and production values, but many will be turned off by how hard it is to follow.  This is science-fiction that is the definition of the genre; it is firmly rooted in “Science” and “Mathematics”; which is, from what I’ve heard, very true to Asimov’s works.

Also, there is so much vocabulary, mythology, politics, technology and philosophy of this series that you need to make sure to pay full attention.  And even then, it is hard to follow… at first.  But, creator David S. Goyer (who wrote The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Josh Friedman, do an impeccable job of taking this foreign mumbo-jumbo and making it easy to swallow; especially as the season progresses.  Another exciting thing about this show is that in the first half, there were many instances of things happening that made absolutely no sense, and as the ten episodes continue… everything comes to light and becomes so much clearer.  This is really ingenious writing that impressed the hell out of me, but it certainly requires patience.


As the show began, I couldn’t help, but have my jaw-dropped on the floor at the filmmaking wizardry on display here.  This is one of the most visually stunning television series ever… and I say that with full conviction.  I could tell from the very get-go that love and passion went into Foundation, because of all of the minute details that truly bring this show to life.  And the world-building is next-to-none… It is so difficult for a series in its first season to fully transport its audience into a world like this; especially one that takes place on so many different planets, over so much time.  But, for the most part, the creators have really pulled it off.  


The ensemble is so vast here; that I’m not going to spend much time naming off names.  But, the key players are all solid and it is so refreshing to see the main two leads being strong bad-ass black females, especially in genre work like this.  I also have to say that the horribly underrated Lee Pace was perfect casting as Emperor Day; the man is like a Greek God who towers over everyone… and he commands the screen, becoming a truly conflicted villain.  And it’s important to note, that I did think the characters started off a bit cold at the beginning, which really worried me.  But, once the story gets going, the heart really starts to come through.  


The ingenuity, creativity, and astonishing craft on display here makes Foundation one of the most exciting television series of the year.  It’s also weird, hard to follow, and takes patience to get to the finale… but, as you get to the fourth or fifth episode, you will truly see where the creators are taking us.  And it only gets better and better from there.  If you are a fan of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica or Game of Thrones… I have no doubt that you will fall in love with this series.

Foundation premieres its first two episodes on Apple TV+ this Friday, September 24th.

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