The Hulu original series, Dollface finally gets a season 2. Is it better than the original? Does the story move forward? Yes and no.


Dollface stars Kat Dennings as Jules, a young woman who is a disappearer when in a long-term relationship. After being dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Jules has to figure out how to rekindle friendships she left behind, and rebuild a career she’s floating through. Through fantastical whimsy, girl power, and heart Dollface became one of my favorite shows of 2019.

Season 2 picks up right where we left off and dives headfirst into the pandemic. Fortunately, we’re not there long and we catch up with Jules and company sooner rather than later. Madison (Brenda Song) is working on building her PR career from scratch. In doing so, befriends another young woman who may be able to help her while also sabotaging her friendship with Jules. Izzy (Esther Povitsky) is dealing with her own enoughness. During the pandemic, she continues a relationship with a guy some around her see as out of her league. For me, Izzy has one of the strongest arcs of the season breaking free from others’ expectations and realizing she deserves all the great things happening in her life.


Stella (Shay Mitchell) begins her internship but quits in 3.4 seconds (shocker). She decides to open a bar for women with new cast member Lily Singh. Stella gets a little messy mixing business with pleasure which is a huge learning experience for her as well. While Jules (Dennings) is the star of the show, I felt she has the least amount of growth – which is sadly not surprising. While Jules likes to jump from boy to boy since being single. She does have to learn boundaries, and that it’s never too late to follow our dreams. While also dealing with her own jealousy within the friend group. 


Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) returns in season 2, but not in the way we may have hoped. While yes, Wes and his live-in girlfriend are broken up, he continues to have excuses as to why she cannot move out. In the end, Jules reluctantly lets her hopes of a real relationship with Wes dwindle as she considers someone else, Fender (Luke Cook). Fender is a sexy musician who is all about Jules.

Personally, after ending things with Wes I would have loved to see the show have Jules concentrate on more than dating. She is having a career crisis and wants to quit her job. She’s having a major friend drama with Madison. She could become a better friend to Izzy and Stella. I mean, there is plenty to cover outside of men.


Even the majority of the fun, daydream fantasy moments were about men. Personally, I feel there were a lot of missed opportunities for the actual character growth of a woman who is turning 30 and feeling a little lost in life. Overall, I did enjoy season 2 of Dollface and we are left with a HUGE cliffhanger. So, imma need season 3 to come out stat!

You can catch Dollface now streaming on Hulu and stay tuned to THS for more reviews, and news!

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