Marvel’s marksman is back. Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. has announced their latest Marvel Select action figure…Hawkeye. Based on the comic book series this 7-inch Hawkeye action figure set not only comes with a bunch of fun accessories but also his trusty sidekick Lucky thePizza Dog. The Marvel Select Hawkeye action figure retails for $29.99 and is available now at

Hawkeye Special Collector Edition Action Figure Set – Marvel Select by Diamond Select Toys

Thanks to the hit Disney+ series Hawkeye, fans can not get enough of Marvel’s top sharpshooter. Well, thanks to Diamond Select you can now take Clint Barton home in a 7-inch action figure form. Hawkeye will be wearing his new black-and-purple costume that was inspired by the show. This figure will also have 16 points of articulation and will come with a bunch of accessories. These accessories include interchangeable heads and hands, bow, arrows, and more.

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Source: Diamond Select Toys