2017 saw the release of the Lionsgate Power Rangers movie. While the film didn’t perform as well as us fans expected, it still looked amazing.

And now with Hasbro owning the franchise, we know a second film is going to be made. But Power Ranger Talk has found a interesting list of movie figures that are getting released.

So these figures are going to be the Rangers from the 2017 movie. The figures themselves will be 5 inches, but it looks like there not going to be the non-helmeted ones we were eventually supposed to get.

The fact that these are getting released 2 years after the movie came out is pretty cool. However, it is a little strange that we’re getting these and Hasbro did say that they would release other toys depending on the sales of the first set of toys.

Either way, it’s awesome to see that even 2 years on, the 2017 movie is still getting love.