Finally, 9 years after Crysis 3 launched back in 2013, Crytek has announced Crysis 4! They’ve even got a pretty cool new trailer to go with this latest iteration of the classic sci-fi first-person shooter game that started it all. Check it out below:

The Return of Prophet At Long Last!

As a fan of the Crysis series, this gives me Nanosuit willies.

Crytek made this announcement via that trailer not just over their official website and YouTube, but also on social media like Twitter. Unfortunately, that announcement is all there is. Apparently, Crysis 4 is so early in development that there’s literally nothing else to announce. No release date or anything. Heck, even the title is a working title that’s subject to change. Whether Crytek actually changes it is another matter entirely. For now, all we have are guesses and speculation.

Crysis 4 Announcement Trailer: Speculation

"Crysis 4" announcement trailer screenshot showing a very lonely Prophet's helmet.
Ah, so that’s where you were, Prophet. Now, will you tell us where you’ve been for the last 9 years?

Right, let’s begin the speculation for Crysis 4, going off of the trailer. The trailer starts us off with pictures of the Sun, and then moves on to a city made of, apparently, nanites rising up, and then collapsing under fire. In between those scenes, you can just make out Prophet (the protagonist of the games) falling into the debris of the city, with his iconic helmet showing up amidst the wreckage. It seems to suggest that we’ll probably get a bit of an apocalyptic scenario for this sequel, likely involving the alien Ceph.

All hope is not lost though. The Crysis 4 trailer then shifts to a scene where bits of the debris rise up and start forming shapes. Said shapes are initially geometric patterns, and then form into a weaving pattern, exactly like the patterns on the Nanosuit. Only, instead of forming into Prophet’s iconic body (since it’s no longer really a suit anymore), it forms into the number 4. You know, for the number of the game.

All this suggests that you’ll play as Prophet fighting back against overwhelming odds after some kind of collapse. Kind of like that Homefront game, but against aliens instead of humans. Whether this will hold true for Crysis 4 is anyone’s guess. Take as many grains of salt as you like for this speculation.

Source: Crysis Blog, Crysis YouTube, Twitter