With the third season of TNT’s breakout series returning this week. THS’ onboard Snowpiercer expert, The Tom C, got the chance to talk with Rowan Blanchard and Mickey Sumner.

Obviously, I was so swept up with that chance I totally tripped on my own words lol. Once composed, we got to do to some questions.

Developing and getting back into character with Rowan & Mickey


Mickey taking the lead seemed interested in the new dynamic with the new train setting. Yes, it’s some of the same set but things have developed over the past six months and since the premiere, we get to see another new car of the train – the library/jail.

Both characters have a lot going on in the last season. At this point, we have to watch them come into their own. Bess having no purpose is a real challenge for Mickey to show her frustration in this current situation. Rowan, on the other hand, has to show how much Alex has grown on her own fruition – considering she was a pawn for Wilford.

Let’s not also forget the hilarious nose scrunch Mickey did when I gave them an on-the-spot question. It’s things like this that make me grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been lucky to get while writing for you.

Snowpiercer 301: Mickey Sumner, Rowan Blanchard as Bess Till and Alex Cavill

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