In a realm where the future unfolds on screen, Rachel O’Toole, the production designer of Upload Season 3, unveils the creative nuances that breathe life into the show’s technological landscape. With a vision rooted in subtlety and realism, O’Toole orchestrates a world where technology is an unobtrusive presence, seamlessly woven into the fabric of everyday life. Learn more about her magic work on the Prime Video series in our exclusive interview.

Integrating Technology with Subtlety

Rachel O’Toole shares the philosophy that guides the portrayal of technology in the show. She emphasizes a vision of technology that is integrated, clean, and almost invisible, allowing the narrative to unfold with a sense of realism and relatability.

“One of my things was that technology is not flashy. It’s, as we move forward, it’s, it’s very clean and small and invisible… So that the world does feel realistic, right? And that technology is just so integrated that you barely notice it.”

– Rachel O’Toole

This approach aims to create a natural technological environment, ensuring that the audience can engage with the story without being overwhelmed by overt displays of futurism that are easy to indulge in a series such as Upload.

Evolving Design with the Narrative Needs of

Upload Season 3
Josh Banday (Ivan)

Discussing design evolution across seasons, O’Toole highlights the dynamic nature of the creative process. New elements of technology are introduced and integrated thoughtfully, ensuring that the show’s technological landscape remains fresh and aligned with the story’s progression.

“Right. That is definitely coming from Greg in the very, very beginning… there are new levels of technology that come out just when it’s based around the story.”

– Rachel O’Toole

The design evolves with the narrative, ensuring that the portrayal of technology is always relevant and engaging, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Rachel O’Toole’s insights paint a picture of a design philosophy deeply intertwined with the narrative’s essence. Her approach to portraying technology as a subtle, integrated presence allows the story to take center stage, creating a world that resonates with realism and relatability. Through thoughtful design evolution, Upload Season 3 promises an immersive viewing experience where technology enhances storytelling without overshadowing it.

Upload Season 3 is now streaming on Prime Video with new episodes airing Fridays (Thursday nights).

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