Peacock’s Pitch Perfect series is adding another cast member from the films. 

No, it’s not Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, or Rebel Wilson. (So far, we haven’t heard of any of the Barden Bellas getting involved with this one.) The returning cast member will actually be Flula Borg, reprising his role as Pieter Krämer. He joins Adam Devine’s Bumper in the series.

Borg first appeared as Pieter in Pitch Perfect 2 as the co-leader of German a cappella group Das Sound Machine. He served as the Bellas’ main rival in Europe. 

But in the upcoming Pitch Perfect series, Pieter is no longer at the top of his game. His a cappella career branched off into music management. When one of Bumper’s songs takes off in Berlin, Pieter signs Bumper as his only client.

So there you have it. At first glance the duo may seem like an unexpected pairing. But they both have that love-to-hate villain vibe going on, so tying their stories together does make some sense.

The Pitch Perfect series comes from executive producer Elizabeth Banks, who starred in and produced the films. Max Handelman, Paul Brooks, Scott Neimeyer, Megan Amram also executive produce, along with Devine.

“When we saw the opportunity to create a series for Pitch Perfect with Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, and Paul Brooks plus more earworm classics for super fans to enjoy, we jumped at it,” said Susan Rovner of NBC. “And to top it off, we are so fortunate that Adam Devine is headlining the series and bringing fans the quirky, laugh-out-loud sensibility they loved in the film franchise.”

So, what do you think of this love-to-hate duo teaming up? Will you watch the Pitch Perfect series on Peacock? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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