“Marvel” this and “Multiverse” that. Holiday movie fans know the real study-worthy cinematic universe happens on Netflix.

The Netflix Holiday Cinematic Universe (NHCU), if you will.

Starting back in 2017, Netflix dropped holiday royalty romance A Christmas Prince. And when the film exploded in popularity, Netflix leaned into the Christmas spirit. The streamer has been releasing a ton of new holiday films each year… and fans started to notice connections between them.

The most surface-level ones began as just Netflix self-promoting within its films. For instance, A Christmas Prince stars Rose McIver and Ben Lamb appear on a TV during The Princess Switch, released the following year. 

But three Princess Switch films (and numerous other holiday hits) later, and there’s plenty more connections to spot. From characters from one film popping up in others, to references to fictional European nations, holiday movie fans can go on an Easter Egg hunt in quite a few NHCU films.

In fact, hunting down these little connections became so popular online, Netflix decided to release an official guide. Check out the existing NHCU connections in the flowchart below.

Here’s a list of the holiday films intertwined on Netflix (so far!):

  • A Castle for Christmas
  • A Christmas Prince
  • Christmas Inheritance
  • Holiday in the Wild
  • The Holiday Calendar
  • The Knight Before Christmas
  • The Princess Switch
  • The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Plus, check out all the new holiday films headed to Netflix in 2021 here. Maybe we’ll have some new connections before 2022 rolls around!

So, which NHCU crossover moment is your favorite? Which characters would you like to see meet up? And have you caught any other connections between movies Netflix forgot to point out? Drop your Netflix Holiday Cinematic Universe thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Netflix