It’s been a wild ride for Lucasfilm since the Disney Investor’s Day back in 2020. While Star Wars and Marvel have been leading the way on Disney+, many have been wondering where are some of the other projects announced? The previous announcements included ten TV shows that were in the works. However as a lot has changed since 2020, and well… this is where things got a bit more complicated.

One project that Lucasfilm was aiming for was a novel adaption of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. It was supposed to be another universe concept outside of Star Wars. But as time progressed the adaption didn’t happen, it went to Paramount instead.

Image: Kathleen Kennedy Disney’s Investor’s Day in 2020. Via (© Disney)

Now What’s Going With Lucasfilm’s Projects?

Even though Kathleen Kennedy, had a huge interest in this project, it stalled. What made matters worse was that Tomi Adeyemi apparently was not happy about the pace of the project and pushed for a stronger voice according to THR. Also, it seemed that Adeyemi also thought she should be the one writing the script, and Lucasfilm wasn’t too fond of that idea. Then in 2021, Paramount landed Blood and Bone and Adeyemi got what she wanted.

 “According to sources, Lucasfilm has decidedly shifted away from developing projects that are new and is leaning even more toward those already under its umbrella. Those include a series based on the 1988 fantasy Willow, Indiana Jones 5 and, yes, many, many Star Wars movies and shows.”

The Hollywood Reporter
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter