From the deepest depths of time and space, we have been graced with the wisdom of Her Highness Grudge from Star Trek Discovery. Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge is an out-of-this-world perspective from a feline point of view.

A cat wrote a book?!

With the careful assistance from Robb Pearlman (He’s allergic to cats oddly), Grudge has given us her unique PURR-spective of life, the universe, and everything. The answer is not 42; the answer is that cats are this highest species in the known galaxy and we are just now figuring this out. Shame on us!

This 96-page book is an excellent addition to anyone’s coffee table, better yet inside a cat cafe! Throughout the book, you’ll find Grudge’s thoughts on the crew around the ship, The Federation, Starfleet, etc.

In the book, Haikus are a PURR-fect break from the whisker sharp wit Grudge conveys, along with pictures around the set. Oh, but that is not all; you’ll occasionally see hilarious cartoon depictions of the Sovereign Cat.

As a Trek fan, you will find Feline-inspired twists on famous quotes from the 55-year franchise. Grudge even pays homage to Spot, the other renowned feline of the Federation from the Enterprise-D. But she didn’t talk about Porthos…

If you don’t get this book in your collection, it would be a CAT-astrophic mistake. The Art, on-set photos, in-universe jokes, and wit make this a must-buy! It doesn’t matter if you’re a pet parent or a Trekkie is just a good laugh!

About the Human Publishing Staff

Rob Pearlman

Robb Pearlman is a pop culturalist and a #1 New York Times
bestselling author of more than 35 books for grown-ups and
kids, including 5 STAR TREK books: Fun with Kirk and Spock,
Search for Spock, Body by Starfleet, The Wit and Wisdom of
STAR TREK, and Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom.

Walter Newton

Walter Newton was born in 1981 in Glasgow. He remained
there for the next 21 years, attending the Glasgow School of
Art before being lured to the bright lights of London and the
Royal College of Art.

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