The How I Met Your Father series has finally premiered on Hulu! Since the series takes place in the same universe as the original, there has been a lot of speculation about the possibility of cameos. In the pilot episode, we get our first one, but it’s not exactly what you may think!

The following is super spoiler-y – You have been warned!


The speculation around cameos has spanned from Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) sleeping with a cast member, Ranjit (Marshall Manesh) being the recurring taxi driver, or possibly Robin on the television back on the news. There’s even been hopes of Sophie (Hilary Duff) running into Ted Mosbey (Josh Ratner). At this point, it would be an odd, but fun choice to have Ranjit pop in since we’re in the world of rideshares. Especially since Jesse (Christopher Lowell) is an Uber driver. Something like out-of-control surge pricing would have to happen in order for that to occur. So, the transportation part is taken care of. I’m sure there will be more cameos to come, but so far they are much more nuanced than the in-your-face theorizing we’ve all been doing.

What’s the cameo?! The suspense is killing me!

At the end of the pilot episode of How I Met Your Father, we find ourselves heading inside Jesse and Sid’s (Suraj Sharma) apartment. But, it’s not just any apartment. It’s THE apartment! Ted and Marshall’s apartment! The boys got it from Marshall and Lily off of the alumni page. On top of that, they left the swords. Personally, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect first cameo. A passing of the swords if you will.

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