What happens when you take an actor that looks exactly like Charles Bronson and put him in a demonic possession horror movie? You get Exorcist Vengeance. The film stars Robert Bronzi, Sarah Alexandra Marks, and Steven Berkhoff. To believe it, you have to see it, so check out the trailer below.

A possession spooker with state-of-the-art special effects, the film tells of a tough priest (Bronzi), someone the Vatican calls to do their dirty work. When a prominent family is terrorized by a demonic force, the priest is called upon by Bishop Canelo to root out the evil, but soon realizes the solution to this mystery is tied to his own past. He must find the killer and stop the Devil’s hold on the family before it’s too late.

Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca J Matthews direct a script and story by Matthew B.C. and Jeff Miller. Miller has high praise for Bronzi and the film.

This is my fifth movie with Bronzi, and this one packs an intriguing punch,” says Miller. “It’s Death Wish meets The Exorcist meets Knives Out.

Exorcist Vengeance arrives on DVD and Digital on February 8th, 2022. As a Charles Bronson fan, anything that’s described as Death Wish meets The Exorcist, I need to watch.

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