I’ll start off with the obvious: HOLY CRAP DANNY TREJO IS IN STAR WARS. Now that we have that out of the way, what we got with this episode of The Book of Boba Fett was a fantastic setup for the rest of the series. It’s the Pike Syndicate vs. Boba Fett. In the original trilogy, prequel, and sequels, we never really got to see the ferocity of the Wookies. Until now, that is. Black Krrsantan absolutely demolished Boba and his guards. If anything, that’s the coolest thing to come out of this episode, up until seeing Danny Trejo as a Rancor handler. Of course, that’s also the coolest thing up until the speeder-bike car chase through the streets of Mos Espa.

The last two episodes had plenty about the past for Boba, this time around, we got an extremely emotional scene. After going to the Pike Syndicate to collect protection on behalf of the Tuskens, Boba discovers that they’ve all been murdered by the Speeder-Bike gang. The music combined with Temuera Morrison‘s excellent acting gave it the edge it needed as a scene showing why Boba Fett is the way he is.

This was an episode filled with action, speed, and it was fairly compact in the storytelling. In classic Star Wars fashion, we even had a small cameo from Peli Motto in the flashback sequence. Ending it with a Wookie choking out Boba Fett might be the right way to go because now we really just need to see how Boba Fett and Fennec get teamed up, and we’re done with the flashbacks.

Boba Getting His Ass Kicked Is GOOD

Some have complained that Boba Fett is getting his ass kicked too much on the show. Well, when it’s 6 on 1 as in the first episode, and now one of the most fearsome Wookies in Star Wars history, you’d think people would understand. That ass-beating at the hands of Krrsantan showed the guile and smarts of the group. Trapping someone in the Rancor pit/dungeon instead of fighting them and knowing you’ll lose is brilliant! It all sets up for when we get to see Boba Fett kick some real ass later in the series anyway.

The show is half action and half Syndicate/business drama. Star Wars does that better than most, combining the genres together to give us something we all love. Boba Fett: Lawman might not have been the better title for the show, but it sure feels like that. He’s the grizzled cowboy going after justice and doing it the right way. As an audience, we all want to see Boba Fett take on the Pike Syndicate and win, but we have to build our way to that point. The intrigue is high as to if the Pike Syndicate is actually the big bad, or if it’s still the Hutts or someone even bigger than those two.

Whoever it is, we’re setting up for some explosive conflict in the next episode with Boba on their tale. This episode might have been a bit lighter on the comedy and character development, but it was a fantastic action romp. We’ll have to see where it goes from here, hopefully, we see Black Krrsantan make a comeback at some point.

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