2021 was a BIG year for Godzilla fans with the release of the Highly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong film. But with great film series comes great responsibility (sorry Spider-Man) and many kaiju fans have been wondering and waiting to see what is next for the King of the Monsters. Well, thanks to a tweet from @TOHO_GODZILLA (GODZILLA.OFFICIAL) it looks like the fans might be getting an answer soon.

What Does It Mean?

As you can tell by the tweet above something must be getting ready to go down, but what is it? The tweet that features a 24-hour clock was posted yesterday on their Twitter account. When looking closely at the picture the clock reads 9 am, but also if you look at the wall you can see some marking carved into the wall as well. So are these marking there to hint at something or there to throw us off? Either way, we are going to have to find out.

godzilla king of monsters

We Want To Hear From You Godzilla Fans

What are your thought about this mysterious tweet from GODZILLA.OFFICIAL? What would you like to see next for Godzilla? Also, what is your favorite Godzilla movie of all time? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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