Any fans of the Fallout series of video games here? You know, that archetypal post-apocalyptic game series that Bethesda is kind of driving into the ground with Fallout 76? Well, it seems like they and Prime Video are trying to make out for that, starting with this TV adaptation.

Fallout: The TV Series Soon?

It’s an older teaser, sir, but it checks out.

Deadline just recently released a report saying that the Fallout TV adaptation is finally happening, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks and Prime Video. Apparently, production is set to move ahead on the TV series sometime this year in 2022. After months of deal-making just to get the rights for it from Bethesda, it’s nice to see some progress made on this series.

This means that, unfortunately, we still won’t get to see the actual Fallout series for a while yet. It’s likely that we’ll only get to see this series in 2023 or even later, but that’s just speculation for now. Take it with a grain of salt.

Fallout: The TV Series ~ Details

"Fallout" TV adaptation teaser screenshot.
I feel like this “Please stand by” message has become a bit of a meta-joke, after all this time.

We still don’t know much about this Fallout TV adaptation aside from the basic premise, but here’s what we do know. Prime Video is funding this series, so it’s almost certainly going to be a Prime Video exclusive. Kilter Films (Westworld, Person of Interest, Reminiscence) will produce this series, with Jonathan Nolan (Person of Interest, Westworld) directing and Lisa Joy (Westworld, Burn Notice) writing and producing. Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Tomb Raider, Captain Marvel) and Graham Wagner (Silicon Valley) have recently joined the crew as co-showrunners.

Kilter Films logo.
I have no idea what this logo is supposed to mean.

And that’s it for official info about the Fallout TV adaptation. Unless you want to hear about the basic premise of the game series that this is adapted from? In which case, it goes: USA and China get into a war with one another. With nukes. Now it’s centuries later, with survivors living in underground Vaults or braving the radioactive landscape infested by mutants. You play as a survivor of one of these Vaults, who for one reason or another, have to leave. Welcome to the wasteland. Now let’s see if you can survive it.

Source: Deadline