The How to Train Your Dragon Franchise from Dreamworks is back on Hulu & Peacock! Dragons: The Nine Realms is almost here, check out THS’s first look at the new series.

Meet the new Dragon Club

More Dragons!

This is the 3rd iteration of Dragons on the small screen. Previously we’ve had the Cartoon series that started on Cartoon Network and finished on Netflix following Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his team of riders from The Viking Island of Berk. There is also a more kid-friendly series airing on Netflix called Rescue Riders. This newest incarnation takes place 1300 years after the original story in modern-day.

Our NEW Riders and Dragons!

Tom & Thunder

Tom is the main protagonist of the series with his Dragon partner he’s named Thunder. Thunder is a Night Light Dragon from the Strike class. More than likely Thunder is a descendant of the famous Toothless.

Tom’s Mother is also the chief scientist in charge of the ICARIS project, exploring a new fissure in the Earth’s crust where Tom found Thunder. But the Adults don’t know about the dragons, yet

Jun & Wu/Wei

Jun is the daughter of the Project ICARIS leader May Wong. Jun is into mysticism and astrology. Her Dragon Partner/s are Wu & Wei a double-headed Mist Twister dragon from the Tidal Class with the ability to shoot ice cold and steamy hot breath respectively.

D’Angelo & Plowhorn

D’Angelo is the son of the head of security. He is the team’s muscle with a heart of gold. He’s smart and resourceful. His Partner Plowhorn is a Gembreaker dragon from the Tracker class. She was the runt of the litter and is blind in one eye but one of the most loyal companions.

Alexandra & Feathers

The team’s resident Tech Expert. Alexandra is very much a homebody. She is very shy and used the hacker pseudonym for a few episodes talking about them in the 3rd person. Her Dragon aptly named Feathers is a Featherhide Dragon from the Mystery class. Like Alex, Feathers is shy and can even camouflage herself when she gets nervous.

The Show So Far….

As of now, we have 6 episodes to enjoy, all dropped at once. From the 6, we get the standard 2 part opener. Followed by the next 3 humans meeting their respective dragons. Finishing off with a confrontation with a new wild dragon called Fault Ripper, a boulder type who threatens to destroy the base for Project ICARIS. Its tunneling ability is causing stress on the walls of the fissure leading to the occasional earthquake.

The kids and Dragons

From the Hidden World

Like I said my household is a huge fan of the DRAGONS franchise. Getting another series akin to the original series is great. I enjoy the spin on the team dynamic. But you can tell they have done their best to take personality traits from the old riders and infused them into the Dragon Club. But added to that with Jun’s mystical beliefs and Alex’s love of tech and shy nature.

What are the Nine Realms?!

We don’t know yet! Dreamworks has only released 6 episodes with no indication when we will get the rest. They have done this before when they had Voltron: Legendary Defender. Now considering 6 episodes a full “SEASON” is rubbish and they should just be Part 1 and Part 2.

As far as catching me in a narrative. This first “season” hadn’t done it for me. There is something obvious coming from the tiny breadcrumbs littered in the episodes. But these first 5 episodes were an intro, it honestly could have been made into a made-for-TV movie pilot.

Knowing that John Tallegen is at the helm of this series gives me great hope! He has a long line of writing credits but for me being a Disney Era Power Rangers Writer (SOME OF MY FAVORITE SEASONS) has me pumped for the potential of teamwork and story-driven arcs that we will hopefully get!

Is this related to the previous HTTYD series?

Taking the wild guess that Thunder is indeed related to Toothless is a safe bet! IN FACT, the last episode has a major nod to the Vikings of Berk! Leaving me and my wife crying tears of joy!

Are you flying high knowing that the DRAGONS are back? What’s your favorite Dragon from the new series? Are you hoping to see a particular species make a return? Let us know in the comments BELOW!

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