With three seasons as a Time Lord under Jodie Whittaker’s belt, it’s once again time to ask the question… Doctor Who?

As in, who will replace Whittaker as the next star of hit sci-fi series Doctor Who?

The Thirteenth Doctor plans to end her tenure after three seasons, following the precedent set by previous Doctors since David Tennant. Whittaker’s third season recently aired its final episode. But similar to the Tennant years, the Thirteenth Doctor will also get a series of specials ahead of her final farewell. (One New Years special, “Eve of the Daleks”; one special planned for early 2022; and the late 2022 special which will mark Whittaker’s final appearance as the Doctor.)

So, with Whittaker’s regeneration  incoming, everyone wants to know who’s next in line to play the Doctor. Well, Whittaker herself has an idea. During a BBC Radio 1 segment on Going Home with Vick and Jordan, the actor revealed who she would choose to take over the TARDIS next.

“If we had the power to choose… I’m going to pick an actress who I think is really exciting and I think would be phenomenal – Lydia West,” Whittaker revealed. “If I had the power!”

West is best known for her role as Jill Baxter on the critically acclaimed HBO Max series It’s A Sin. Interestingly, West’s It’s A Sin co-star Olly Alexander was recently rumored to be up for the role of the Doctor. (Alexander has since denied involvement with the show.) And even more interestingly, It’s A Sin is helmed by none other than Russell T. Davies. You know, the previous Doctor Who showrunner who’s set to return to the series following Chris Chibnall’s exit.

Of course, Whittaker’s replacement has yet to be announced officially, so we can only speculate as to who will play Doctor No. 14 for now. The BBC is notoriously tight-lipped about these things, preferring to make revealing the next Doctor a real event. So we probably won’t find out from a random interview anyways.

Still, it’s fun to talk about. Who would you like to see play the Doctor next? Let us know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to catch the first-of-the-last Whittaker specials, “Eve of the Daleks,” on January 1.

Source: BBC Radio 1