If it wasn’t for rumors, the offseason for Star Wars would be pretty boring. From rumors of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series being canceled to Disney throwing away the sequels and starting over, there was a lot to keep us busy. Well, there is one rumor that just seems to never go away. You know the one: The Maker George Lucas is returning to Star Wars in some way. If you follow many Star Wars groups and pages on social media you know just what I mean. If you don’t know what I am talking about, there are some reports out there saying that George Lucas’s return as a writer for the Andor series on Disney+ has been confirmed. But has it?

George Lucas

Is George Lucas Writing For The Andor Series?

Here we go again. You may remember back in that crazy year of 2020, rumors starting flying that George Lucas was returning to Star Wars as a writer for the new Andor series. That rumor was going pretty strong until Broadcast Journalist Clayton Sandell sent out a tweet that seemed to debunk the rumor.

So here we are, just over a year later, and thanks to a report from Inside the Magic the rumor is starting to fly around again on social media. According to them, it has been “confirmed” that George Lucas is writing for the new Star Wars: Andor series. So you would think if it confirmed it would have been announced by Disney right? Well, it wasn’t.

Who Was This Confirmed Source?

So, if it wasn’t Disney where did this information come from? The source that this was pulled from was IMBb. As you can see from the picture below IMDb has credited George Lucas for writing two episodes. While this could be true, in no way is it 100 percent confirmed. Why do I say that? Well if take another look at the picture you can see an edit button. The information on this page can be edited by just about anyone that has an IMDb account.

George Lucas IMDb

If you go to the IMDb help page they say “the bulk of our information is submitted by people in the industry and people like you”. So, could George Lucas be writing for the Andor series? The answer is we just don’t know. For me, until I see it from Disney or George Lucas comes out and says he is writing these episodes I will still look at it as a rumor.

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