Netflix canceled their live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop after only a single season.

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop: See You Space Cowboy

Netflix's "Cowboy Bebop" key art.
And off they go into the sunset.

The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Netflix has officially canceled their live-action adaptation of the anime Cowboy Bebop. After just a single 10-episode season, the adventures of Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) have come to an unfortunate end, with no conclusion to the story. Ironically, just like the original anime when Spike Spiegel apparently breathed his ambiguous last, but in a bad way.

Did Cowboy Bebop Deserve To End Like This?

See you space cowboy...
Now with an ending as ambiguous as the original anime.

This is just my opinion, but I think Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop doesn’t deserve to end like this. Sure, it wasn’t a great show. However, it wasn’t a bad show either. If I had to rate it, I’d give it a 80 out of 100.

Bad points: the CGI varies wildly in quality at times. Sometimes it’s pretty good, but then it sometimes dips into something that looks like a high schooler put together on their laptop. I also wasn’t too certain about Vicious’ and Julia’s depictions, since they differed wildly from how they were in the original anime, and not necessarily in a good way. Finally, there was the fact that the Bebop crew abandoned Ein in the 8th episode. It made sense in-story, kind of, but it was still a bit cruel, and a bit out of character for everyone to do.

That said, there were quite a few good points to balance the bad points of Cowboy Bebop out. John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda had a pretty good rapport with one another in-show. Like a lot of critics say, their performance together did carry a lot of the bad points of the show. It brought the Bebop crew to life in a way that felt faithful to the original anime. It’s too bad that they just couldn’t carry hard enough for the rest of the show though. I guess I can only conclude this with:


Source: The Hollywood Reporter