Watch out! It looks like the Cowboy Bebop comics have a treat for all you space cowboy fans, courtesy of Titan Comics. Especially if you love looking at variant cover art, but don’t want to pay up to own them.

Cowboy Bebop #2 Cover Art

To ramp up the hype for the comic book series based on the upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation of the original anime series (boy, is that an Inception of a concept), Titan Comics is proud to give us sneak peeks at the cover arts for Cowboy Bebop #2. There are a total of 3 different pieces of cover art for this issue, each one by a different artist. Along with a photo cover direct from the series. You can check them out below:

Cowboy Bebop #2 cover A art.
Very bold primary colors there. Cover A artist: Addie Tong.
Cowboy Bebop #2 cover B art.
I don’t think he knows whose blood is on him either. Cover B artist: Netflix.
Cowboy Bebop #2 cover C art.
“You”? What does that even mean? Cover C artist: Claudia Ianniciello.

Cowboy Bebop #2: Details

Cowboy Bebop #2 is the second issue of the comic book adaptation of the Netflix adaptation of the anime of the same name. Boy, that’s a mouthful. Anyways, the writer for this comic book is Dan Watters, with Lamar Mathurin as the artist. The official synopsis from Titan Comics gives a sneak peek into the plot of this issue:

“An original story set in the year 2171. The bounty hunter crew of the spaceship Bebop chase an ex-gang member who holds a vest which gives the wearer unlimited luck.”

Cowboy Bebop #2 will go on sale on January 26, 2022 for a retail price of $3.99. You can preorder the issue on Previews World if you want the physical copy for that sweet paper feel. If you’re fine with the digital version though, then you can head on over to ComiXology to preorder the digital version.

Source: Titan Comics