With the heavy emotional baggage of last week’s Star Trek Discovery episode, this one doubles down with action and more feelings! The story keeps flowing between several characters dealing with their own problems to confront.


During a mission to deliver Dilithium to the U.S.S. Credence comes under attack by SPACE NINJAS! The Commander of the ship is murdered during the heist. Back at Starfleet Command the President along with the Admiral and Captian Burnham are joined by the Ni’varian President to go over the footage. Revealing that the leader of the theft and the one who killed the Commander was a member of the Qowat Milat. At the Ni’var Presidents request the Qowat Milat joins the table. Of course, it had to be Michael’s mother.

With the potential for Ni’var to rejoin the Federation, the Qowat Milat and Starfleet make a joint task force to find the thieves. In addition to the Stamets and Booker both head to Ni’var with the new information they received from scanning the newly named DMA (Dark Matter Anomaly)

Review the evidence

Stamets is racking his brain to figure out what exactly this DMA is. He is sent to Ni’Var to go over his findings with the Science Council. The only other piece of evidence they can bring is Book as he was the only eyewitness. Stamets has a hard time getting thru to the Ni’Varians but their wonderful lack of emotional knowledge calls Stamets out for dismissing his theory. The President then asks to mind-meld with Book to understand those last moments. As painful as it was He led the mind meld in a cathartic moment to see his brother and nephew again to find some sort of peace.

Star Trek

Finding your purpose

Tilly is still trying to find her way in this new time and with her new responsibility as an LT. she is still having her “chats” with the Dr. and he is pushing her out of her own comfort zone. when she was chatting with Saru he took the opportunity to suggest that she join Micheal to find the thief. Rather than a warrior some of her soft diplomatic skills might be better suited for such a task,

When the crew of the away mission finds the tracker in the dilithium. Gabrielle has to take a step back and understand to why J’Vini had found a lost cause as is performing these actions in her duty. Apparently, she was trying to save a race in cryosleep for who knows how long. She was trying to save them from the DMA.

Micheal and Tilly do help J’Vini save the alien race in fact she helps bring them back to life! During the flight home and after J’Vini has apprehended Micheal and her mother had a heart-to-heart. The great thing about the Qowat Milat is their candor always makes conversations flow so easily wheater you like it or not.

Another Shade of Grey

Grey’s new body is ready. Adria is apprehensive but Guardian Zee oversees the process. He is pessimistic about the fact that Grey’s new bost is synthetic and it might not be a perfect host for the Trill symbiote. Luckily Adira stays by Grey’s side after the transfer and becomes Grey’s guide back to them!

Politics come in many shades of Grey too! In fact, it was a surprise that J’Vini was handed over to Ni’varian control to pay for her crimes. This was all about politics at the end of the day.

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Systems Analysis DISCO:S4E3

This episode while good was a lot to take in! Yes, the show has an ensemble cast. Trying to spin that many saucer sections (dish spinning analogy) were a tall tale! 9 different characters to invest in and honestly 4 of the stories I didn’t need. I’m not sure if all of this had to be shoehorned into this episode for the sake of what’s to come. I hope the next episode doesn’t go thru such murky storytelling.

I’m hoping that this was just a misstep of the producer’s choosing to fit in all this “development” that some felt pushed and some fell flat on us. There really is only one place to go from here and that is up!

Hats off again to David Ajala for his excellent acting with everything going on he stood out for me! Book still has a lot of healing but at least he’s on the right path. As for everyone else, let’s get them back in their lanes.

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