The Trolls are back in action in a new Holiday Special on NBC! This time around, all of our favorite singing trolls will be exchanging gifts in Trolls Holiday Harmony.

Pictured in this screengrab: “Trolls Holiday in Harmony” — (Photo by: DreamWorks)

What is this Trolls Special?

After the craziness of the previous two Trolls films, it seems they need a little bit of happiness.  That happiness comes in the form of Queen Poppy organizing the first-ever Trolls Kingdom Secret Holiday Gift Swap in Trolls Holiday in Harmony!

However, things go astray when Queen Poppy and Branch, our neighborhood lovebirds, get each other in the gift swap. Branch cannot think of what to get the best gift-giver of all time! Likewise, Poppy, who knows what gift to give anyone, cannot think of what to give the coolest troll she knows. Tiny Diamond, your favorite sparkly rapper, is also struggling to find the right gift for his daddy while trying to get his flow back to write the perfect rhyme.

A quick family fun short

Get ready to sing and dance along because there are four new original songs that are super catchy. And like many other holiday specials, Trolls Holiday in Harmony is a cute and fun family short that gives a wholesome tale about which gifts make the biggest impact. This Holiday Special is a new take on showing that love and being together is what makes the holidays. Especially when Tiny Diamond realizes to create the perfect rhyme, he can rhyme with Daddy instead of Diamond. This Holiday short is bound to make anyone smile.

Trolls Holiday in Harmony is directed and written by Tim Heitz and Sean Charmatz. Gina Shay and Walt Dohm serve as Executive Producers. Voicing the characters are Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kenan Thompson, Kunal Nayyar, Rachel Bloom, Ron Funches; among others.

Trolls Holiday in Harmony premieres on Friday, November 26th at 9 pm on NBC. After its Television premiere, Trolls Holiday in Harmony will be available to own on DVD and Digital November 30th from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.