Hot Topic has released a brand-new Critical Role T-Shirt. And just in time for next week’s release of Critical Role: Vox Machina- Kith And Kin, this shirt is perfect for those cozy winter nights when you just want to read the book.

This shirt is amazing!

As you know, Critical Role is one of my favorite Dungeons & Dragon’s Campaigns. So, when it comes to the merchandise I’m all over it. This shirt has a fantastic pop art design that I’m pretty sure makes it my favorite Critical Role shirt Hot Topic has released to date.

Seen on this incredible shirt are the sibling twins, Vax and Vex. Vax is a half-elf rogue/paladin/druid and a former member of Vox Machina. He was played by Liam O’Brien. Vex is a half-elf ranger/rogue member of Vox Machina. She was played by Laura Bailey.

The good news is that this shirt is available on Hot Topic’s website in all sizes from Extra Small to 3XL. Even more good news, it’s on sale for $18.32-$21.52! Make sure to grab this incredible shirt for your own collection.

Check out the official shirt description below.

They’re two sides of the same coin! Nothing’s stronger than a sibling bond, and the twins Vax & Vex definitely have that! Rep your favorite twins with this tee, featuring Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia in a pop art-inspired print.

If you’re also a huge fan of Critical Role like I am, make sure to check back with That Hashtag Show for more updates!