Season thirteen of the British television series Doctor Who, entitled Doctor Who: Flux, is almost over. Only two more episodes left before the series finale on December 5th. This season’s “Village of the Angels” is the best episode so far. The episode had tons of mystery, scares, and an exceptional guest cast.

*Spoiler Warning*

L-R John Bishop as Dan Lewis, Jodies Whittaker as The Doctor, and Mandip Gil as Yaz Khan.

Village of the Angels

Timothy Dalton as Rassilon in the episode “End of Time – Part 2

The previous episode had a cliffhanger with a Weeping Angel at the controls of the TARDIS console. My first thought was a mix between how Weeping Angels know how to fly the TARDIS and this Angel wasn’t after the Doctor; it was after the TARDIS. This episode gave us many answers as to why the Angel needed the TARDIS.

The episode doesn’t provide a full origin story for the weeping angels, but it is interesting to see a different side of the Weeping Angels. During the David Tennant era of Doctor Who in the episode “End of Time Part 2”, The time lord leader Rassilon (played by Timothy Dalton) mentions the Weeping Angels when he says, “The vote is taken, only two stand against and will stand as monument to their shame like the weeping angels of old!” And the two of the high council timelords and cover their eyes like the Weeping Angels. That is one of our first clues that the Timelords have a lot of knowledge of these beings. When the 12th Doctor tries to escape Gallifrey with another TARDIS in the 9th season, he even runs into a Weeping Angel in the Time Vaults.

So it made sense that The Division, a covert organization formed by the Timelords, would use these beings in secret operations.  But there was one Weeping Angel, who once worked for Division, is now, like the Doctor, a fugitive. So it was a brilliant tie-in to previous lore. Moreover, the fact that the Angel used Claire Brown (played by Annabel Scholey) to trap the Doctor and negotiate its escape speaks to how intelligent these beings are. Everyone knows that the Doctor would do anything for humanity.

An Excellent Doctor Who Story

Annabel Scholey as Claire Brown 

The storyline of this episode was excellent. It kept us on our toes, introduced new dangers, and provided proper scares. And little moments like the Weeping Angels ringing the doorbell kept it silly in true Doctor Who fashion. But honestly, what will have audiences talking about this episode for years to come is the moment when the Angels agreed to capture the Doctor alive, turning the Doctor into an Angel and leaving the others in 1901. Just incredible!

“You are recalled to Division.” Relive the terrifying cliffhanger from ‘Village of the Angels’! #DoctorWhoFlux

— Doctor Who on BBC America (@DoctorWho_BBCA) November 22, 2021

The casting in this episode was perfect. Kevin McNally as Professor Jerichois perfect. You find yourself rooting for him the entire episode. He is the audience, trying to make sense of impossible situations and be brave under terrifying conditions. Annabel Scholey as Claire Brown is fantastic, She fits perfectly into the 60s era motif, and her performances are believable and perfect. The costuming in this episode is also pretty excellent. The visuals all across the episode are gorgeous and outstanding. Truly one of the most cinematically breathtaking episodes of Doctor Who.  

I can’t wait for the next episode to see what has happened to Yaz and Dan, who are stuck in 1901, and what happens to the survivor Namaca, Bel, and Vinder, who are struggling to survive the damage of the flux. Also, will we see the return of more Timelords next episode? 

Doctor Who: Flux airs weekly every Sunday night on BBC America, with series 1-12 available on HBO Max.