Those of you who watched the last episode of Arcane know just how horrible of a cliffhanger the series ended on. Fortunately, Netflix shows that they’re not going to leave us hanging. At least, not forever.

Arcane Season 2: Details

Arcane season 1 key art.
Soon not to be the only key art.

Comic Book reported that Netflix is announcing a second season for Arcane that will finally let us know what happened after that cliffhanger. Not only that, but apparently, this second season was actually already in production at the time of the announcement. This means that Netflix anticipated that the reaction they’d get from that horrible cliffhanger, and is alleviating some of that frustration in advance. Before it gets too bad, at any rate.

Unfortunately, Netflix has announced no release date for Arcane season 2. No word on production status either. Only that it’s in the pipe and on the way. Hopefully, Netflix will give us that info soon. Again, that was a really bad cliffhanger. Please don’t do that again, Netflix.

More League of Legends Shows On The Way?

League of Legends "Riot x Arcane" art.
And maybe, just maybe, us non-League of Legends players can find out what the deal is with the penguin?

On the bright side, in the same report, Comic Book mentions that Arcane might not be the only League of Legends show on the block one of these days. Apparently, Arcane creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee spoke to Comic Book about the show and mentioned how there was a desire to make more shows set in the League of Legends universe. In fact, these were Alex Yee’s exact words on the subject, according to Comic Book:

“I think the company has always wanted to allow players to get to spend time with their champions, not in the throws of combat, and get to understand who they are when they’re off the battlefield. And so many people over time have really poured a lot of love and energy into making the world and the characters feel robust and three-dimensional. So I think there is certainly the appetite to explore more of those stories. Like you said, of course, we’re primarily focused on Arcane and learning what we can from that right now, but I think everyone would be really happy to be able to share more stories in many different types of media for other champions in other regions.”

So we may get some more League of Legends shows in the future. Or we may not. Either way, we’re going to have to wait for more news about this later.

Source: Comic Book