Can you believe it, Ranger Nation? It only took a dozen Mighty Morphin issues to lead up to something this big in the Power Rangers universe! An invasion the likes that we have never seen. An invasion from Eltar, home of Zordon. But first, we get another flashback.

Waiting for Practice

Zordon on one of his away missions after becoming Supreme Guardian come to a planet with great magical potential. But someone got there first: a mysterious robed stranger lived among the monks, lying in wait to strike. The monks gave him the name Vintra, meaning scars in their native tongue. Safe to assume this is where Zedd learned magic, twisting their ancient teachings to his whim.

Back in the HERE and NOW!

Zartus has smashed Zordon’s tube, Billy is trying to run away from the Eltarians, and Alpha is hiding in the lower decks of the Command Center. Coms are acting up, Billy stumbles upon Alpha and brings him down to ANOTHER one of his secret projects. Inspired by what he saw on the World of the Coinless, Billy has made a mini containment unit for Zordon. Hopefully, they can reconstitute the big blue space sage.

Zartus and Zedd/Zorphram

Zartus contacts The Emperor of Evil and advises him to keep out of his way. Zedd smugly talks down to his former protege, telling him that he shouldn’t count his chickens before they hatch, as the pesky ranger always comes back in the end.

What about the Rangers?

With Billy stuck in the bowels of the command center, and Tommy and Aisha at The Promethea… That leaves Kimberly, Rocky, and Adam to fight the Sentry Force Four. Zartus’ guys were really putting the screws to the rangers, who luckily got away and found safe haven also at The Promethea.

After a chat with Grace and finding out the Zordon is gone, we finish on a great full-page panel with trouble looming.

Thoughts from the Grid

This was a simple read. Being the first issue to this next arc, it’s an easy way to ease into things. Having so much happen in the last few issues to slowly get into the story pool is a nice change. Having Zartus reach out the Zedd was probably the highlight for me. You can still feel the tension between the two of them after 10,000 years.

War COVERage

All the Mighty Morphin covers come with Virgin Variants with the exception of the Del Mundo cover. It comes with a “black and white” variant.

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