Hello everyone, Nick Santos here. Usually I post articles and exclusives that I’ve vetted. Articles that have information given to me by multiple sources. However I do often times hear things that I get some conflicting information on. Here at Rumor Watch, we’re going to discuss some of these things; with the stipulation that you should take this information with a grain of salt (or whatever spice you prefer!) Today, we’re talking about Daredevil and his place in the MCU in the future.


A while back I got news from my sources that Charlie Cox was going to be returning along with some other Marvel Netflix actors to appear in the MCU. I reported on that already. From that I heard that he’d be making appearances in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Echo, She-Hulk, and more.

This was corroborated by a number of sources, and we’re getting confirmations from other sites and writers.

These same initial sources also told me that Charlie Cox would be getting his own revival Disney+ series, and that this series wouldn’t be a flat out reboot of the franchise, but will be a soft reboot featuring some characters and actors from the Netflix series, but won’t be fully acknowledging what came before in the Netflix series. At the time however, I didn’t report on it as other sources told me they had never heard of this and couldn’t verify the information.


Assuming the initial sources are correct, this makes sense in that Charlie Cox and other characters are being brought back, and it seems far more aggressive of a maneuver for some simple side characters. Sure you have situations where characters like The Hulk/Bruce Banner are forced to be side characters, but most of the time, Marvel has a long game for these characters and eventually they want to really flesh out these characters in new and unique ways.

Also, unlike other characters, Marvel knows there’s a built in level of acceptance and appreciation for what Charlie Cox did. Sure there’s other creative talents involved, but there’s a built in fanbase that will love to see Charlie as Matt again and it’s far easier to embrace that than it is to oppose it.

We also know that Marvel is using these Disney+ series to flesh out the street-level Marvel characters; and arguably you can’t really do that without Matt Murdock.


There’s a few things that could be holding back this from happening in my opinion.

The first being that simply put, Charlie Cox may not be interested in reprising the role in a full blown series. He’s an actor with a diverse resume, he may not want to commit to the role in a substantial role for an extended period of time. It might just be that his time commitments only allow for guest appearances in other shows (i.e. Echo, She-Hulk).

Also, Marvel and Netflix corroborated together for the Marvel-Netflix shows, and while Netflix lost the rights to those characters while ago, there could be some legal issues associated with this that could be holding it back. I’m no expert in this matter, but potentially that could be holding things back.

The other obvious issue is that Marvel has a ton of projects in development, and they may simply have no time or space in their current plans for a Daredevil series. Not to say it would be impossible, but there could be some wait to see the series. So it could be that it’s simply not going to work out anytime soon.


With all this said, do I think a Daredevil soft reboot is happening on Disney+?


I think Marvel would not just simply bring the actor back unless you had bigger plans. It could be that they’re waiting to see how fans respond before committing to a full-blown announcement/backing of the project. As much as Marvel is forward thinking, they are driven by the fan experience and fan reactions to these things. So seeing Matt In No Way Home could start showing Marvel that this is a character and actor that they want to invest in.

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