For those of you who enjoy romance and streaming shows online, look no further. You may have stumbled upon Amazon Studios series Modern Love. A co-production with The New York Times; this anthology series is inspired by the stories found in the newspaper’s popular column by the same name.

Premiering in October of 2019, Modern Love is currently in its second season. Featuring a star-studded cast, including the likes of Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, Anne Hatheway, and Dev Patel; you’d think that this show simply boils down to some fun and funny romance with likeably and talented actors. What you wouldn’t expect is the extensive fingerprints of New York-based Visual Effects Studio Molecule VFX.

Enter Tehmina Beg, VFX Supervisor at Molecule, currently working on Modern Love. But lest you think Tehmina’s experience is limited to romantic comedies, her VFX CV includes such programs as The Orville, The Exorcist, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Marvel’s The Defenders… to name but a few.

VFX Supervisor Tehmina Beg
The Molecule VFX

Tehmina had always wanted to be an artist since she was a little kid, growing up in Boston, MA. Attending college, she studied at the film school at the University of Miami (Florida) and double majored in computer arts and sciences. After college, she moved through a number of different fields including audio engineering, computer science and eventually ended up as a computer programmer for a number of years.

In her 20s she decided to start over. While attending NYU, Tehmina pursued a Master’s Degree in Digital Imagine where she found her forte as a 3D Lighting Artist. After interning for a digital effects company, she freelanced in commercials for a number of years before moving into television.

From Programmer to VFX Supervisor

Modern Love
Amazon Studios

While shadowing a mentor on the show The Making of the Mob, Tehminawas given more opportunities to extend her experience in VFX Supervision. After moving on to Zoic Studios she was put on projects like Marvel’s The Defenders.

Tehmina is very hands-on when it comes to VFX Supervision and spends a lot of time on set, working closely with the director and cinematographer to get exactly the shots and performances she needs in order for her team to work their magic.

She brought her talents to Molecule VFX about a year ago and has been working on Modern Love ever since.

I recently sat down and talked with Tehmina about what exactly a VFX Supervisor does on a show like Modern Love where we don’t really expect to see a lot of visual effects. Check out my interview above to see what she had to say!

Modern Love seasons one and two are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

So, what do you think of Modern Love?

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