HBO is ready to kick the family drama into high gear with Succession season 3. This time, there appears to be a bit more drama than comedy. You might say that it’s a succession crisis. Okay, I’ll just let you check out the trailer below for a look at what happens to the Roy family in this 3rd season:

Definitely feels more drama than comedy for this season.

HBO and WarnerMedia officially announces the return of Succession for a 3rd season with the official trailer above. This 9-episode season will debut on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 9:00-10:00 PM (ET/PT). As you would expect, this show is an HBO exclusive. You can only see this show on HBO and their streaming service: HBO Max. This is not a free streaming service, so you have to pay up to watch this show there.

To accompany the release of Succession season 3, HBO also announces a companion podcast for the season. Each episode of the podcast will air immediately after each new episode of Succession, giving commentary and behind the scenes looks at each episode. This particular podcast will feature a new host: journalist Kara Swisher. Not sure what happened to the old host, but there you have it.

Succession Season 3: Details

Succession season 3 screenshot.
Let’s hope he isn’t a “shoot the messenger” type, because he doesn’t look happy at his phone call.

So what is Succession season 3 about? Well, this season (created and executive produced by Jesse Armstrong) continues the trials and tribulations of the Roy family. This time, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) shakes things up with an attempt at a coup aimed at his father Logan (Brian Cox). The official synopsis from HBO gives more details:

“Season three finds Logan in a perilous position, scrambling to secure familial, political, and financial alliances after he was ambushed by his rebellious son Kendall. After Kendall’s impulsive decision to expose the company’s sprawling scandal, the family is left to each contemplate their future. Tensions rise as a bitter corporate battle threatens to turn into a family civil war, with the Roy family navigating the looming question of who will take over in a post-Logan world.”


HBO is proud to announce the renewal of Succession for a 3rd season. We’ll get to see the latest struggle of the Roy family during a coup attempt by one of Logan’s sons on October 17, 2021. This black comedydrama show will be an HBO Max exclusive, so if you want to watch the Roy family do their thing on TV, you’ll have to pay up for a subscription. Or start a free trial, if you’re lucky enough to not have already used it up.

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