If you are a fan of the animated series Gargoyles you have probably have been excited with all the products NECA has been announcing. Well, get ready to get even more excited because during their 31 Nights of Fright reveals NECA just gave us a first look at the new Bronx figure that will be heading our way sometime in the future. Here is the first look at Bronx.

Gargoyles Bronx Figure

First, look at our upcoming Bronx figure from Gargoyles! In addition to interchangeable heads and meat snack, Bronx will include a set of draped wings to fit perfectly on your Goliath (sold separately). Be on the lookout for more details this spring.

Gargoyles Bronx

A member of the former Wyvern Clan, and one of the founding members of the Manhattan Clan, Bronx is not a gargoyle but is a gargoyle beast that looks more dog-like than human. As a male gargate, Bronx’s eyes glow white when enraged, and possesses great strength. As a gargoyle beast, he lacks wings but still turns into stone during the day. Brox also is not a big fan of pigeons.

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What are your thoughts on the Gargoyles’ Bronx figure from NECA? Is this a must-have in your collection? Also, what other figures would you like to see announced during the 31 Nights of FrightThat Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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