Those who have been to a small local con often find themselves in a dead silent DJ-less hall. Just staring into space or looking blankly into the shine of their cell phone.

From the Main Stage

Over the past several years if you’ve been to the large cons the big panels have started to have DJs and hypemen. Here at NYCC2021 the Main Stage and the brand New Empire Stage are covered by the team from Elite Beats Orlando. I had the opportunity to chat with the unCONventual conventionists and get the view of the convention from the stage.

DJ Elliot

Elliot Hansen is the leader of the ragtag band of travelers, with his 9th appearance here at NYCC. His con cred and the idea of the convention hypeman goes back to 2010. The first show he did was Star Wars Celebration 5. At the time there were quite a few Jedi and Sith alike turning saying “who the heck are these guys?!” After a few years and of course, in this industry, it’s a who you know situation. Elliot came to NYCC for the first time bringing the hype train to NYCC2013. Even though he is the leader of the group his boss, his wife, is keeping him in check as the stage manager.

Atomic Blonde

Gabrielle was born into the quirky side of the entertainment industry. Her father has been doing satire comics for Mad Magazine for over 20 years. This being her 4th NYCC, she was super appreciative of the new Empire Theater addition to the Javits Center. versus cons of the past where you had to go offsite like Madison Square Garden or the Hammerstein Ballroom. this year it was a one-stop-shop for all your nerdy needs. From her perspective the crowd this year has been more outgoing, having that skipped year’s worth of energy ready to burst out of their cosplay! As a cosplayer herself, she has been keeping an eye out on all the Harley Quinns!

DJ Atomic Blonde & DJ Elliot

Aussie Dave

Dave who by chance IS Australian has been the Emcee on the main stage all weekend! Is the WORLDWIDE WHIRLWIND of the team. having worked in 6 out of 7 continents! he was overjoyed to see the appreciation of the fans all being under one roof to celebrate together. He loves cosplay in fact he will stop the “Show before THE SHOW” to call a fantastic cosplayer out. Saying “This is the place to let YOUR flag fly!” As much as he implores the crowd to be involved, this year with conventions finally coming back has been a learning experience. Working on the fly ad-libbing to each crowd’s comfortability level.

DJ KD Queen

Katie is no stranger to the Con scene but this was her first appearance here at NYCC! While in control of the main stages turntables, I asked how do you set your playlist to appeal to the multigenerational attendees. Katie went on the say “Our forte might not be family-friendly per se but a more broad spectrum.” Her go-to is a Top 40 followed by a throwback finishing with a nerd song. Let me tell you it works!

Aussie Dave & DJ KD Queen

Thoughts from the Con Floor

As someone who has worked in the hospitality and club scene for over 20 years. I wanted to take time to appreciate those who are the nervous system of the stage, keeping the crowd alive and buzzing! Once the crowd is hyped it’s a domino effect! The panelists feed off that energy and give it back 10 fold! Also, who would want to talk to a bunch of quiet wallflowers and shy guys?! That’s why these DJs and Hypemen are so important to your convention experience! We are grateful for it!

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