The Empire Stage at NYCC2021 was full of makers, fans, cosplayers, and conventioneers. All to see just be in the presence of Adam Savage.

The Man of the Hour, Adam Savage came out to thunderous applause! Grateful to see everyone and went on to exclaim that this was his 6th con in the past 2 months alone!

A year in rewind with love

Adam started off sharing his own personal pictures with the crowd of his 2020 experience. Showing the Bay Area as a desolate ghost town. eventually, those photos turned into the happiness he found spending time with his wife, sons, and of course mom!

Adam then shared photos of his shop and the things he worked on to keep himself sane during the pandemic. Admiring how working and filming by himself was an insight into what retirement would look like…… down the road.

Q & A with Heart

Adam Savage

When after talking about himself, which we could listen to all day. The floor opened up for questions. ranging from the numerous thank-yous from smaller makers to excellent questions about things such as:

  • Acessibility in cosplay (creating costumes for people with mobility issues specifically)
  • Hitting the mental block
  • Keeping your self motivated and having Getshitdone-itus
  • What your favorite burrito place in SF (Taquria Farolito)

Most importantly a fan asked “How can we honor Grant?” the room had a momentary sigh for the roboteer. Adam’s answer was simply beautiful “give a teacher $20, $10, or $5 dollars!” They are doing the best they can with what little they receive, so they can spend it on supply for the next generation.

We are thankful for everything you’ve done to inspire the current next generation to ask the questions, explore new avenues, and just let us know we are all in this together as a huge MAKING Family.