If you are a fan of Gargoyles you will be excited about this 31 Nights of Fright reveal from NECA. NECA has officially revealed the second figure from their Gargoyles lineup. As well all know Goliath was the first figure announced, well now joining him in action figure form is Demona.

Gargoyles’ Demona

If you are not my ally, then you are my enemy.” Possibly one of the most dangerous gargoyles, Demona is an immortal gargoyle that blames the humans for all of her problems. Because of this, she has spent thousands of years trying to kill them all. Demona will come with many accessories like two interchangeable faces, hands, weapons, and more. Here is what NECA shared for its 31 Nights of Frights reveal.

“31 Nights of Fright Reveal! Enjoy a full gallery dedicated to Gargoyles’ Demona! Coming early 2022.”

As of now, NECA has not released the retail price or when this figure will be available for pre-order. We will update this as more details are released. You can check out the rest of the pictures of this figure at the end of this article.

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