All the Light We Cannot See is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a blind girl in France during the WWII, and a young German boy who befriends her. Now it seems, it will also be a Netflix series sometime in the future.

All the Light We Cannot See book cover.
Looks so peaceful. You’d never suspect WWII was raging.

Netflix is officially announcing that they will make a live action TV adaptation of the war novel All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. To be clear, Netflix is planning to make this adaptation a 4-part limited series. Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment (Stranger ThingsFree GuyShadow and Bone, Arrival) will produce this series. Shawn Levy will also be the director, as you can guess. In fact, he will direct all 4 episodes of this series, with Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) writing.

Because All the Light We Cannot See is so early in production, we don’t have much information about it. Especially not in terms of release date, so we can’t even tell you that. Heck, the producers themselves don’t even know what cast is yet. Fortunately, they plan to do something about that.

All the Light We Cannot See: The Search for a Cast?

All the Light We Cannot See casting poster.
Well, at least they are committed to accuracy on this.

At the same time Netflix announced their adaptation of All the Light We Cannot See, they and 21 Laps Entertainment also announce that they’re now in the process of searching for a cast for that series. In particular, Shawn Levy is announcing a global search for a blind or low vision actress to play Marie-Laure LeBlanc: the main character of the novel. Why? Well, apparently, Marie-Laure in the novel is also blind.

So yeah, nice bit of accuracy on the part of Levy. Unfortunately, the fact that they’re only now searching for an actress to play the lead role means that we won’t get to see this Netflix adaptation of All the Light We Cannot See for quite some time. We’ll just have to wait for official word from Netflix on that front, whenever it arrives.


The epic WWII novel All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr will be a 4-part Netflix live action series. One of these days. At least, after they’ve found their blind/low vision actress to play the equally-as-blind female lead. We’ll just have to wait for Netflix or 21 Laps Entertainment to give us more news on this front once they have it.

Source: Netflix, Variety