The Magic: the Gathering animated series on Netflix has been in gestation for a while now. Up until now, we haven’t had much news about it. We did get news that The Russo Brothers left the project and Jeff Kline was leading the project now. Magic had a bunch of announcements earlier today about upcoming sets, but they also showed off their lead actor for the series: Brandon Routh. The former Superman will voice Gideon Jura on the show, a planeswalker from the Magic: the Gathering multiverse.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, scripts are already finished for the series after the Russo’s exit. Routh said in a video, that he’s been playing Magic since he was 16, and “I love this world and I’m very excited to be part of this animated series”. Wizards of the Coast is making a big multimedia push with this series. The animated series is getting a novel tie-in from author Django Wexler. The novel follows the adventures of Gideon Jura and fellow planeswalker Jace Beleren before the series. Both are set for releases in late 2022.

Magic: the Gathering grows larger and larger by the day. Whether it’s this animated series or crossovers with Dungeons and Dragons, the future is bright for the property on multiple levels. So, what do you think of the upcoming animated Magic series? Are you excited for it?

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Source: THR