Netflix is diving into summer movies and have I got one for you! If you’re a fan of inspirational true stories, then Blue Miracle needs to be on your Netflix queue. Blue Miracle tells the true story of Omar (Jimmy Gonzales), a reformed bad boy who runs an orphanage, Casa Hogar, in Mexico. After the orphanage was devastated by Hurricane Odile in 2014, Omar has to figure out how he’s going to save his home, the boy’s home without turning back to the life he left behind. 

Blue Miracle. Steve Gutierrez as Tweety, Fernanda Urrejola as Becca, Isaac Arellanes as Wiki, Anthony Gonzalez as Geco, Nathan Arenas as Hollywood in Blue Miracle. Cr. Carlos Rodriguez/NETFLIX © 2020

In a random turn of events, Omar was given the opportunity to enter the boys into the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament, the world’s biggest fishing tournament. There’s one catch, they’ve never fished before! With the help of the grizzled, two-time Bisbee’s Black & Blue winner, Captain Wade (Dennis Quaid), the boys set off on an adventure they’ll never forget.

A Family Tale And Then Some

Blue Miracle. Jimmy Gonzales as Omar, Steve Gutierrez as Tweety in Blue Miracle. Cr. Carlos Rodriguez/NETFLIX © 2020

Blue Miracle is absolutely inspirational, family fun, but it’s also so much more than a fishing story. It’s a story of choosing to do right against all odds. Picking yourself up. Learning to trust yourself and others even when those around you have forced you to choose otherwise. It’s a story about never forgetting what’s actually most important in life. 

Blue Miracle. Steve Gutierrez as Tweety, Anthony Gonzalez as Geco, Isaac Arellanes as Wiki, Nathan Arenas as Hollywood, Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade Malloy, Jimmy Gonzales as Omar, Miguel Angel Garcia as Moco Cr. Carlos Rodriguez/NETFLIX © 2020

Personally, I love feel-good stories like Blue Miracle. They’re great reminders that magical things do happen every day to everyday people. I thought all the boys were incredibly charming, with distinct stories, and personalities. However, I did find the backstory about Omar and his late father told via multiple flashbacks a little odd. I understand what the director was going for, but in the end, I felt it could’ve been told another way. Having these random moments pop up time and time again felt like they belonged in a different movie.

Make sure to check out Blue Miracle on Netflix, Friday May 28th!