If you’re like me, after watching the trailer for the latest Disney’s Live-Action, Villain Origin’s story, Cruella you were  – to put it lightly – underwhelmed. The trailer is uninspired and made Cruella’s story look like a Disney-fied Harley Quinn film for children. Let me just say, I have never been happier to be wrong!

Cruella tells the story of a girl named Estella, who has always been a little…problematic. After getting expelled from primary school, Estella and her mother head off on a journey to move to London; where Estella will hopefully be more accepted. Constantly living in the shades grey, Estella eventually embraces her true self, and Cruella is reborn.

I absolutely loved Cruella. I appreciated that the story being told wasn’t one of redemption. This film is not a story of excuses about how bad things happen to a person which is why someone is the way they are. Cruella takes on the battle of nature vs nurture forcing those watching to ask themselves and decide if this is who Cruella has become due to circumstance or is this who she always has been? Personally, I think Cruella has always shown her true colors. She’s just stifled them to be more accepted.

Emma Stone And The Costume Department Kill It


Emma Stone is masterful in her portrayal of Cruella. She balances the nuances of living in the grey, wears incredible garments with ease, gives us comedy, and shows us darkness with delight. Let’s not forget Emma Thompson as the Baroness, couture designer extraordinaire! This is the first time I’ve seen Thompson in such an evil, conniving role – I want more of it!

What sets Cruella apart is the incredible costumes (Cruella is a master designer after all) and fire soundtrack allowing for iconic moments during this film. The costuming is exquisite! Every garment is a piece of art. Whether it’s an everyday outfit on the street, to Estella’s costumes to pull off the heist, and of course the couture garments created by Cruella and the Baroness. I also felt having the film take place in the 70s was the perfect backdrop. This setting allows for an incredible punk/rock soundtrack, impeccable fashion, and a vibe you can’t get from any other era.

I have very few complaints, however, I have them. The runtime for this movie is just over 2 hours long. Personally, I felt they could’ve shaved off a good 10-15 mins with no issue. I also felt there was an overuse of CGI on the dogs in the film to the point where it looked like they were never real. Finally, I am so over the lazy choice of killing a parent in order to give the character development. The story could’ve been told almost exactly that same way if the mother was alive. Her death really felt pointless.

Make sure to check out Cruella at your local theater or on Disney Premier Access starting May 28th! 

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