If you are a comic-con fan then you more than likely have attended one of Wizard World’s events. Well, it now seems that Wizard World is no more. In a report from Forbes, Wizard World has been bought by Fan Expo HQ. According to this report the Wizard World events in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Portland (OR), St. Louis, and Cleveland will be rebranded Fan Expo events in 2022. Chicago will host the last Wizard World branded event in October of 2021.

Wizard World Becomes Fan Expo

“We’re beyond thrilled to be able to offer that to fans in six new locations, and pleased that Wizard World recognized our ability to elevate guest experience to the next level. We’re looking forward to getting to know each of these individual communities, learn what they’re looking for, and raise the bar!” said Fan Expo HQ President, Aman Gupta. “Personally, I’m eager to contribute to the incredible legacy of the Chicago event, the second oldest comic event in North America (1972), and restore it to its former glory and beyond.”

Fan Expo HQ Vice President Andrew Moyes
Fan Expo
Photo: Wizard World

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What are your thoughts on Fan Expo buying Wizard World? Do you plan on attending the Chicago convention? Also, what are some of your favorite memories from past Wizard World conventions? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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Source: Forbes