Former Friday the 13th actress Deborah Voorhees (coincidence?) is making a new film surrounding the famous franchise. It’s titled 13 Fanboy and it brings a pretty awesome concept with it. Here’s the logline:

A deranged Friday the 13th fan stalks the cast from the famous franchise.

The film releases in theaters, drive-ins, and VOD this October 22nd, 2021.

The returning cast from the Friday the 13th franchise includes: Dee Wallace from the Halloween series, Kane Hodder, Adrienne King, Corey Feldman, Hayley Greenbauer, Lar Park Lincoln, Jennifer Banko, Andrew Leighty, Judie Aronson, Ron Sloan, C.J. Graham, Tracie Savage, Vincente DiSanti, and Carol Locatell.

It looks like it’s a similar enough concept to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare except based more in reality than that film. According to their team it’s going for all practical effects and no CGI to honor the 80’s genre films. It’s an interesting concept and premise to take. Horror does have some of the most fanatical and passionate fans in the world, what happens if one takes that passion too far?

So, are you interested in 13 Fanboy? Check out the poster below.

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