Great news for Marvel fans. Black Widow will backflip her way into homes sooner than expected. The movie arrives on DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K Ultra HD September 14.

If you’re happy with purchasing a digital copy, you can own Black Widow even sooner; the movie hits VOD early on August 10.

(Well, “early” relative to its theatrical release date of July 9. In the grand scheme of when fans first thought they would get the film, it’s pretty late.)

DVD/Blu-Ray bonus features include bloopers, deleted scenes, and featurettes with special appearances by the cast and creative team. Check out the full list of bonus features for Black Widow below:

Black Widow Bonus Features

  • Filmmaker Introduction Featurette – Director Cate Shortland introduces the film and her vision for it.
  • Sisters Gonna Work It Out Featurette – Watch Scarlett and Florence as they train, fight, and bond to become the sister duo in Black Widow. Listen as the cast and crew discuss the characters, rigorous training, and building the dynamic between the two fearsome siblings.
  • Go Big If You’re Going Home Featurette – Step back to appreciate the size and scale of Black Widow’s solo film. Shot around the world, the film balances family and drama with mind-blowing action. The cast and crew reveal the intricacies of stunts that made the film so action-packed.
  • Bloopers – Take a look at some of the fun mishaps on set with the cast and crew
  • Deleted scenes
    • Grocery Shopping – Natasha heads into a grocery store to prepare for her journey through Norway. After a long drive, she arrives at her destination: a mysterious trailer in the middle of nowhere.
    • Bike Chase – Tailed by assailants, Natasha and Yelena speed through the city in order to escape their nemeses.
    • Gulag Fight – Alexei squares up against several enemies and is quickly overpowered. When all hope seems lost, Natasha leaps in to lend a hand in the fight.
    • Smile – The Taskmaster protocol is activated in a tense moment, and an iconic helmet is unveiled.
    • Come After Me – Secretary Ross and Mason discover an important message Natasha left behind.
    • Walk and Talk – Alexei and Melina have a playful exchange. The Taskmaster arrives and faces off with Alexei.
    • Widows in Training – Yelena and Alexei awaken in captivity. Melina hands the Taskmaster vials while the Widows train.
    • Kiss – Alexei and Melina reunite after the action. Natasha grieves over an untimely demise in the brutal aftermath.
    • Ohio – Natasha witnesses the carefree nature of the Ohio suburbs through the neighborhood children.
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Black Widow is playing now in theaters and available to stream on Disney+ with Premier Access. The film arrives on other VOD platforms August 10 and on DVD/Blu-Ray September 14.

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