Imagine the reaction to Daniel Bryan showing up in All Elite Wrestling. That might be the case, according to a report from The website is reporting that Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW for the same amount of money as his WWE contract, but with less dates.

He was reportedly in talks with the WWE for a return, but those talks broke down. He has two young children at home, so naturally he would want to be with them more. His full-time schedule days are over, but according to their source, Bryan is “100% signed” with AEW.

He also wanted the ability to work dates in Japan, which AEW allows it’s wrestlers to do. Overall, we’ll have to see if he shows up on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Fyter Fest, or at a future show. This would be a humongous coup for the new wrestling company to sign away one of the biggest talents of all-time.

Seeing as how this is a rumor at the moment, until it happens, it should be seen as one. Plans change and people put out smokescreens all the time in the news. Until he shows up on AEW Dynamite or an AEW show, we won’t know for sure.

Who would you want to see Daniel Bryan go up against in All Elite Wrestling?

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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