This week from DC Comics, Diana continues her quest to restore the gods of Olympus in Wonder Woman 775. Janus other half slayed the Greek gods and now Diana treks through the underworld looking to restore them. Accompanied by Ratatosk and Deadman, she must not only find the gods but find the way to restore them, yet a bigger question remains. Can Diana escape the realm-hopping, or is stuck in one endless god realm after another?

Wonder Woman 775 open with Wonder Woman….or does it? Actually our doppelganger, Janus other half, has taken Diana’s form. We see the carnage she caused and the bodies strewn across the landscape as she uses the God Scraper to destroy the heavenly realms. Her power grows with each conquest. We see her use the God Scraper to slash open reality and steps through. This opening only lasts a few pages, but it becomes clear – Diana will have her hands full when the time comes.

A Classic Journey

Wonder Woman 775 Takes Us Down Under

Diana, meanwhile, continues to search for the Greek gods. She and her companions seem to wander aimlessly until Wonder Woman runs out of patience. Using her sword, she stabs the ground and headstones spring up everywhere. Is she too late? Are they all dead? Is she too late? In real life? Maybe, but this is Greek mythology after all. In Greek Mythology rarely is someone truly dead.

Wonder Woman 775 writers employed another classic trick of Greek mythology. Many times feats of strength become pointless. One side overpowers the other, so there can be no contest of might. Instead, Greek Mythology often turns to the mental battle. In this case Wonder Woman challenges the Gatekeeper, someone she cannot defeat physically, to a contest of wits – Where do you think Tolkien got the idea for Gollum and Bilbo? A quick battle of wits and Diana stands victorious. I love how not only does she answer the riddles, but her riddle leads the gatekeeper to the unanswerable question.

I don’t know how anyone could answer half the riddles posed in stories, but they always do. The fact Wonder Woman out-thought Gatekeeper in a no-win situation was a nice touch. He knows the answer, but cannot answer. The Gatekeepers answer is himself, but he cannot speak his own name. Another example of perfect Greek Tragedy. He may be all powerful, yet his power s what chains him to the underworld, forever alone.

Wonder Woman 775 – The Never Ending Journey

Diana wins the contest of riddles and retrieves all of the gods, but her journey does not end. We know the worst side of Janus and her doppelganger still wanders the universe. She remains a threat not only to the Olympian gods but mortals and immortals everywhere. This leads her to the well of the Satyrs. Diana believes the Gatekeeper’s riddles were in fact a clue, and to find her way she must go where no one journeys. After scaring off the horny little furball, Diana plunges into teh forbidden well and comes to….Elfhame. I have never heard of this place before, but a quick Google search and it appears to be a mythical land of Fairies for several cultures. It seems our Princess won’t be coming back to the mortal realm any time soon.

Then we get a short story following young Diana. I skimmed this, but I I could really care less about it. This story shows Diana taking her first rebellious steps towards herodom, but that’s about it.

What do you think of Wonder Woman 775? I’m liking this storytelling much more than where the title was pre-Future State. Head on over to DC Fanatics on Facebook and let us know what you think of Wonder Woman’s journey so far.