Richard Donner was a filmmakers ideal director. He made his own way, and he directed some of the biggest films of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. His credits include The Goonies, Lethal Weapon 1-4, and Superman. He died Monday at the age of 91 according to his wife Lauren Schuler Donner.

His Superman movies both influenced the current comic book genre more than anyone will know. Lethal Weapon was a revelation at a time when action movies were over-the-top with violence and devoid of relationships. The Goonies captures exactly what it means to be a kid and what it feels like growing up. He also directed one of the most famous episodes of any television show, “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet” for The Twilight Zone.

He started his career in television with shows like Gilligan’s Island, Perry Mason, and The Twilight Zone before moving into film full-time with The Omen. That film still scares people to this day, showing off the power of his electric directing style. He went on to direct Superman in 1978, giving us one of the most faithful and best adaptations of that classic DC character.

So make sure that you remember Richard Donner for his films, and give a couple of them a watch.

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