It seems that My Hero Academia is more popular than ever, especially with the release of the fifth season.

My Anime List reports that the premiere of My Hero Academia season 5 is at the top of the list for most-watched anime premieres. In fact, the site reports that this ever-popular superhero anime is their most-watched TV premiere of all time. The hype is real, man. If you don’t believe me, look at the nearly 147,000 people watching the premiere here. And that’s just in the first 7 days, according to the site. Who knows how high the numbers will go as time goes on. It really does look like My Hero Academia season 5 is the anime to watch and watch out for in 2021.

Top Contenders for My Hero Academia‘s Spot?

While the fifth season of My Hero Academia ended up on top of the charts, that doesn’t mean the 2 runner-ups were slouches. At second place on the list, we have the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin. English fans would be more familiar with this anime as “Attack on Titan“. With nearly 145,000 viewers, it’s certainly competing well with My Hero Academia.

At third place though, we have the second season of the The Promised Neverland. With nearly 132,000 people watching, it trails fairly far behind the other 2, but still has a fairly devoted group of followers. It’s unclear if it will remain so though, once word spreads of how terrible it is. As both an anime adaptation of the original manga, and of an anime series on its own.


My Hero Academia is determined to smash some records with season 5. With the premiering episode the top most-watched of any anime series, it appears to be well on the way to the path of success. If this tale of superheroes’ opening performance is any indication, we can all expect some great things from this anime in the near future.

Source: My Anime List