Ranger Nation! Now that the online extravaganza that is Power Morphicon Online 2021 is over, here is a list of the online exclusives and our thoughts on the event.

Power Morphicon 2021: Power Rangers Zeo Cog 2-Pack

Knowing how much we love army building and Zordon-Era Rangers, Bruno and Scott premiered this awesome 2-pack to add to your villainous shelf space!

Hasbro smartly chose to give us two different versions of the grunts with both magenta and silver versions. If you look closely, the silver cog even has texture to his paint. The excellent detail prevents us from having a simple, flat gray figure. They also included tw0 blast effects, two different heads in “blast mode,” and even two sets of weapons.

Pre-Order Link

Super 7 Ultimate Goldar

This for me was the collecting highlight of the whole Power Morphicon digital event. Standing 8 inches tall, this $50-ish figure will loom large over your Lightning Collection figures. He towers over those puny Rangers! Goldar will come with all the accessories… And knowing that craftsmanship associated with Super 7, you know that what you see in the images is exactly what you get (as opposed to the occasional bait and switch from Hasbro). Make sure you Pre-order because once that window closes you’ll pay a huge mark up on the secondary market.

Photos courtesy of Super 7

The Morphenominal Programming

There was over twelve hours worth of content this past weekend. You would be hard pressed not to find a panel that didn’t draw you in! From a celebration of MMPR, to Talking Toys with MMPRTOYS, there was something for everyone. So many content creators from across the Ranger Nation came together under one flag to show their love of this long running franchise. Some of this was no small feat, especially getting a huge Ninja Storm reunion with rangers all over the world to come together with varying schedules and time zones!

The biggest things that I took away from the whole Power Morphicon weekend is the Rangers love us the fans just as much as we love what they have brought to the franchise. So many of the actors are ready to get back to the Con circuit and see us in person.

Although Power Morphicon is every 2 years this wonderful hold over, for some including myself was their first OFFICIAL Morphicon experience! I’m excited to see what will be instore for those of us who have been holding our tickets since 2020.

Those of us at THS want to thank Scott and Loryn from PMC for having us on four different panels and to all the other content creators for joining us.

AGAIN A HUGE MORPHIN GRID SIZED THANK YOU to everyone involved at setting up this year’s Power Morphicon!

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