This week from DC Comics, we get a homecoming most would dread, but finally some pieces begin to fall into place. After a long stint in Asgard, Wonder Woman 774 brings Diana home to Olympus at last, but her return is merely the first step in yet another crusade to save others. She saves mortals and other heroes all the time, but now Diana must save the vanquished gods of Olympus and reclaim her stolen position. Diana needs answers and only one person knows them and only one place holds them – Tartarus. Welcome to Hell.

I missed last issue, but it appears Diana’s time in Asgard came to an end. She once again strolls the streets of Olympus with her new friend. Apparently, Ratatosk the squirrel followed Diana from Asgard and has become attached to her journey. The reunion fails Diana’s hopes when she finds it completely empty. The city burns and lays in ruins with its protectors and resident gods nowhere to be found. How could someone not only wipe out Olympus but the entire group of gods?

Why Ratatosk tags along remains hidden. His less than truthful nature makes Diana angry. He held back information and he admits he redirected her away from Olympus and to Asgard in the first place. Does he mean to help Diana or is he playing his own game? I want to trust the little rodent, but something about him seems off. He knows more than he lets on.

Answers, or at Least Half Answers

In Wonder Woman 774, Diana finds her answers in a rather disgusting looking fellow. The lone survivor is Janus, or at least half of Janus. Before he dropped his name, I noticed it looked like his back had been torn open and his brain was exposed in the back of his head. Turns out his split personality split and wreaked this havoc. His other half took up the other god killing sword, Diana’s mantle and proceeded to slay all of the gods of Olympus. It’s also here that sets me on edge when it comes to Ratatosk. His back and forth with Janus seemed off. He is either up to something or hiding some knowledge.

Diana realizes she needs help if she is to head into the depths of Tartarus. She calls on Boston Brand, Deadman. I really like the conversation Deadman and Diana have while traveling to the depths of Tartarus. Diana freaks out when she sees Chronos, someone she sent here. She never meant for anyone to suffer like she witnesses. She questions her methods after seeing the Hell Tartarus is. I love Deadman’s response: “{this type of punishment} is the price some must pay. The arm of justice and the reality of consequence don’t always meet up. It’s ugly, but it’s the truth.” There are some interesting philisophical debates to be had here, but that is for another time. Another place. Here they await the grounds keeper…..nice beak.

Wonder Woman 774 – Young Diana

This story of young Diana at the end of the Wonder Woman issues, I have kind of become annoyed with. These stories obviously skew towards a younger audience, but why put it at the back of an advanced age group? Why not either put it by itself or grroup it with some other young hero stories?

This story follows young Diana as she reads a semi-forbidden story. The story seems to be of a young hero with some good qualities, but why she becomes so addicted to it escapes me. She goes into a whiny funk and cries because she feels so alone, and the boy in the story feels like a soul mate. I don’t buy it, but whatever. It’s not meant to make sense to older readers. Then the final panel panel happens and it catches my attention. Her teacher attempts to comfort her, but then her eyes turn purple as she says ‘you can trust me’. What the heck? Obviously, something’s going on and now I am curious where they will take this.

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