If you are a fan of the 1982 classic, The Dark Crystal, you will want to check out the Kira statue heading our way from WETA Workshop. The Dark Crystal Kira the Gelfling 1:6 Scale Statue from WETA Workshop features the Gelfing Kira with her pet Fizzgig as she starts to take flight. Coming in April 2022 this hand-painted statue will retail for $179.99 and is available now to pre-order at EntertainmentEarth.com. Here are the official details.

Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal Kira the Gelfling 1:6 Scale Statue

Standing about 12-inches tall, one of the last Gelfings takes flight! Also Surrounded by the local fauna of Thra, Kira clutches her pet Fizzgig and spreads her beautiful, translucent wings in this stunning 1:6 scale statue. Packaged in a closed box, this Dark Crystal Kira the Gelfling 1:6 Scale Statue is made from high-quality polystone and sculpted by WETA artist Jane Wenley. Please note: This product was designed and prototyped at Weta Workshop. Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each piece is painted by hand and slight variations will occur.

Dark Crystal

Found and raised by Podlings after her mother hid her from the Garthim, Kira believes herself to be the last of her kind. A child of the forest, Kira spends her days exploring with her pet Fizzgig, listening to the songs of the woodland, and learning about its denizens. Having the gift of communion with her wild animal friends, Kira can divine meaning in the intricacies of their calls and reproduce them to speak with even the humblest of creatures. On silvery wings she flits through the forest. And with bare feet she treads quietly its secret paths, alert to the sounds and moods of her surroundings. Yet on this day, as the Three Suns edge closer together in the sky, Kira’s exploring brings her face to face with a being she has never seen before, and yet, more familiar than any she has known. Could it be?

Dark Crystal

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Source: Entertainment Earth.